Editor’s Space: No Turning Back

Left Bank Magazine started as an idea that has been fondled with for quite some years. Two years ago, I created an online magazine for college women and female empowerment that took off pretty well. Really fucking well, actually.

We did that for a bit, I moved to London for a bit, we both worked in different jobs, and our interest in writing about and connecting with an earlier time in our lives started waning as well. On the subway a few nights back, I decided that it was time to take to the internet again- with a similar mission as before but a broader demographic. Channeling some of the greats that I tend to look up to when crafting my art- Gertrude Stein, Orwell, Fitzgerald, Hemingway- I find myself reminiscing on a time that was far from my own.

Now that I am living and working in New York, I constantly am inspired by the breadth of art and creativity that surrounds me everyday- gallery openings, film festivals, book talks, etc. This free-flowing positive and creative energy is essential to believing in your work, and cultivating your craft. That is what Left Bank Magazine seeks to provide.

If you’re living in Brooklyn, L.A., Madison, St. Louis, Chicago, Edinburgh, London, Cairo, Berlin, Oslo- you all know what passion looks like, feels like, sounds like. From every corner of the globe, from Buenos Aires to Helsinki, Melbourne to Manchester- let’s uncover this art, literature, spoken word, music. We can take inspiration from the Left Bank and redefine it for present generation.

I’m keen to hear your thoughts, read your submissions, add on some contributors, and see where this takes us. There’s no turning back.

Cheers x


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