Art: Dead Celebrity Portraits X David Graham

The exceptionally talented David Graham is making a mark at Left Bank Magazine. He describes his work as “child like innocence with morbidity.” A few pieces from his Dead Celebrity Portraits series // 2010-2013 can be seen below.

Check out the rest of the collection and visit his Facebook page. #fuckitgetweird

"Monkeys and rabbits loop de loop" starring Shirley Temple
“Monkeys and rabbits loop de loop” starring Shirley Temple
"Wheres your head at?" starring Jayne Mansfield
“Wheres your head at?” starring Jayne Mansfield
"Some liked it hot" starring Marilyn Monroe
“Some liked it hot” starring Marilyn Monroe
"Notorious and the Cosby Kids" - starring Notorious B.I.G
“Notorious and the Cosby Kids” – starring Notorious B.I.G

All images copyright David Graham. Contact the artist for more.

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