Editor’s Space: VH1 x Republic Records // Make a Band Famous

This past week was a whirlwind for Left Bank Magazine as well as the 24 bands who showcased their talent in front of VH1 (and, the world). We were invited to attend the finale event of VH1’s “Make a Band Famous,” a 24-hour livestreamed competition where 24 bands battled it out based on a number of challenges and live social voting. The winner was signed to Republic Records (Universal Music Group), and played some shows for Northside Fest.

The car service picked me up and dropped me off in a remote location in Red Hook, Brooklyn where I was sure I was going to meet my demise. Instead, I ended up at an outdoor performance space with other press folk, music industry folk, and a few fans + friends of the bands.

The event was small, and filmed (so a bit clunky here and there) but all in all, it was awesome checking out new bands and being part of the experience. We will try to catch an interview with the winner of the competition Fancy Reagan but in the meantime take a look at some of the pics from the event.

– Editor // Curator

The judges // panel
The judges // panel
Fancy Reagan Performing



All three bands lined up to find out the winner






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