Submission: Mansu Edwards // Poetry

Read the submitted poetry by Mansu Edwards // New York City, and visit his website to learn about his book, Biscuits And Yogurt Vol. 1, that features the piece below.


Stroller Prison

I want to get out.

Strapped like I’m on death row,

Can’t move my delicate limbs.

Listening while you talk to your friends

and I’m squirming.

I think my circulation is cutting off.

You dress me fly, but push me in a wheeled carriage.

You just want to show me around.

Ignore me as I stare at things I’ve never seen before

I guess ya’ll teaching me meditation

or the opportunity to self reflect

because I won’t be able to do that

when I become an adult,

chasing stress,

chasing people’s standards

and way of life.

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