Editor’s Space: Bounce Boat x Capital Cities // NYC

Whilst hanging in the media tent at Hudson Project a few weekends ago, I made a friend from Paradise Beats who I later connected with once back in the city. He scored Left Bank two passes for  Friday’s upcoming Bounce Boat // rave cruise with headliners Capital Cities. I never say no to a free dance party- so the answer was a given.

Despite my anxiety over seasickness, due to a recent winter Uruguayan ferry ride gone terribly wrong, I trucked on with a friend // fellow raver in tow, and made friends with a Paradise Beats photographer once on the boat. With a VIP wristband and an abundance of drink tickets, I could just tell that the rave // dance cruise was going to be one for the books. About an hour in, I lost my maritime companion and made friends with the lower class, a group of five from Seattle and London who had an overwhelming amount of positive vibes and General Admission access. We danced the night away on the lower level- not being able to smuggle my friends to the top deck where my fellow VIP’ers were- to the safe sounds of Capital Cities. Somewhere during their DJ set they played an excellent rave-worthy remix of Radiohead’s “Everything In Its Right Place,” which made me instantly lose my shit.

Cruising around New York City with a slew of new // good friends, EDM, and people rolling balls, it was all one could ask for from a party cruise. Check out Bounce Boat when things are getting a little slow or boring on the ground- it proves to be a good time.


-Editor // Curator

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