Editor’s Space // Sounds: Cassette Store Day


Cassette tapes are a way of life. There, I said it.

For those of us who grew up listening to tunes before mp3 players became a thing (holy Spotify, are you related to the Jetsons), vinyl and cassettes were the medium for our groovin’ message. Perhaps I’m aging myself a bit, but before I had the pleasure of listening to N’Sync on my blue CD player during family road trips, I was listening to Britney Spears on a cassette tape (and Whitney Houston on my mom’s record player). By George! Cassettes have made the comeback, and thank goodness they did because physical formats are seriously the way to go if you call yourself a true music fan // collector.

The second annual International Cassette Store Day is today- 9.27.2014- in the U.S. and U.K. *Jubilee* The full list of releases can be found here, but some that stand out are Foxygen (yeah I remember you guys raging in ‘The Grove’ back in the day), Vivian Girls, Typhoon, They Might Be Giants, The Gaslight Anthem, The Voidz (Julian Casablancas), Karen O, the list goes on and on.

Get your butt down to a participating store (Rough Trade Brooklyn is where we’ll be) and support the goodness that is physical music. #Vintage.


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