Editor’s Space: CMJ 2014

In the grand scheme of online magazines and blogs, Left Bank Magazine is still in its infancy, teething at best. I launched the magazine around May of this year and am downright astounded at the amount of opportunities (and awesome people) that have already come our way. In those short months, we have covered Northside Fest and Hudson Music Project, so I figured we were ready for the challenge that is CMJ Music Marathon. I sent in the press application, crossed my fingers and toes, and watched Scandal to pass the time.

CMJ is a madhouse of music, conferences and general excitement- a wave that comes to New York around mid-October, engulfing musicians, journalists, label reps, etc. in talent from literally all around the world, and giving bands an opportunity to showcase for the masses. It gets you up close and personal with baby bands and heavy hitters alike, sitting in a dark basement bar or swanky rooftop club, listening to the likes of Icona Pop, Dum Dum Girls, YACHT, or The Walkmen. And those are a few highlights from 2012 alone.

It’s divine really; especially since SXSW has turned into a hyper-branded ‘who wore it best: Pepsi or Doritos’ circus. But I digress. This afternoon I received an email with the subject line “[CMJ] Media Application Approved” and I was like:


Then I read the rest of the email (including the uber swanky press lounge at Hotel Rivington) and I was like,




Look out for great interviews and previews leading up to CMJ, including a few from some friends who are playing the showcase. Once CMJ gets here, prepare for an insane amount of show coverage // reviews, photos, great stories, and plenty of photos during my week of flânerie from Midtown to Bushwick.

If you live in NYC and want to dust off your journalism chops, send me an email at leftbankmag@gmail.com and we can find a place for you on the Left Bank.


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