Interview: TAUK


I managed to capture about ten minutes of TAUK’s time before their Brooklyn Bowl // NYC show a few Sunday’s back, asking them questions in between hugs and nods as their friends walked past, briefly interrupting the interview to return some love where it was given. The band is made up of Matt Jalbert (Guitar), Charlie Dolan (Bass), Alric “A.C.” Carter (Keyboards/Organ), and Isaac Teel (Drums). Although made up of a range of fairly different personalities, they seem to fit quite well, both on and off stage.

Check the interview with the guys below and try to catch them during one of their tour stops- their live show is worth writing home about.

Words by Left Bank Editor // Curator

Left Bank: So, how did you guys meet and form as a band?

Charlie: Three of us met in middle school around 7th grade. Isaac and I met in college, at NYU, and we were looking for a drummer and he just fit right in.

Left Bank: And when was your first show as a band?

Charlie: The 7th grade talent show, and Matt’s Bar Mitzvah. We played “Little Wing” …

Matt: And Baba O’ Riley … And, we would also do talent shows.

Charlie: We played the Bitter End too … a ton. I would call it a ‘starting venue.’

Left Bank: We were supposed to meet up for the Hudson Project but I think timing was off; how was it?

-After jokes about the ‘Mudson Project’ …

Matt: We loved it! It was a great time. We were one of the first bands to play. It was a great crowd … there were these video screens bands could use so we utilized those … it was great.

Left Bank: Ugh sounds amazing. Bummed we missed it. So do you guys have any crazy or awesome tour stories?

Charlie: We had friends that were letting us crash at their place in Virginia Beach. They gave us the address … and told us to just walk in. Matt and Isaac walked in and …

Matt: There was this guy butt naked sitting on the couch! Yeah- and its like 3 am!

Left Bank: Like actually naked?

Isaac: … Only thing he’s wearing is a gold chain. He’s like ‘I’m waiting on some bitches.’

Matt: We ran out so fast! Moral of the story … always knock.

They then proceeded to tell me the story of a truck driver somewhere in the middle of the country who had gotten pretty close to their unmarked // un-band-paraphanelia’d car, who proceeded to hold up a piece of paper in his window that read “TAUK?” on it. The guys still don’t know how the truck driver knew that the band was in that particular car.

Left Bank: So do you guys have any favorite songs on the new album?

Charlie: Tumbler

Isaac: On Guard 

AC: A Series of Choices

Matt: ??? (let us know!)

Left Bank: And any upcoming tour spots you’re most excited about?

Charlie: Colorado. We’ll be coming back there and it’ll be a lot warmer (laughs) … the last time we played it was like negative 17.

A major thanks to the guys for taking the time to chat with Left Bank. Check some of the photos below from their show (next time I’ll bring more than an iPhone x).






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