Editor’s Space: Thanks // Grazie // Merci, etc.

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Hey everyone on the Left Bank,

I’m in an oddly sentimental mood today; perhaps due to the weird post punk music I’m playing on my record player, or the quirky book I’m reading. It’s also cold outside, which might have a thing or two to do with it. Either way, I’d like to extend 1,000 thanks to you guys. Left Bank has been around for roughly 6 1/2 months and in that time we’ve had the pleasure of covering three music festivals, interviewing a TON of bands (thanks Alex), and meeting some really wicked people. From the weekly comics we featured (shout out to Todd) to the insane visual art and prose that was submitted globally- Left Bank wouldn’t exist without you. Seriously.

Left Bank is a chance for us to all share our creative gems, digging into the depths of our being and transpire something, sometimes scary, often beautiful, that inherently keeps us going everyday. And, as one of the 721 people who follow this magazine, I say thank you.

As the Editor // Curator, I’d like to think of myself as a part of the whole- the submissions, pleasant emails, comments, and new followers//fans keep this magazine running, and I’m just doing my part to assist with the process.

Tell your friends to submit. Tell your Mom. Let’s keep this love alive.


Editor // Curator


P.S. This letter is also our 200th post. Rad.

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