Editor’s Space: Art Show x Brooklyn


Doing my civic and friendly duty to a friend // Left Bank writer who has an art show tonight in Brooklyn, featuring amazing art and groovin’ jams from local acts. Many of the bands we have had the ultimate pleasure of interviewing or reviewing here in the magazine, so take the opportunity to leave your warm and humble abode and mosey over to Williamsburg.

The set times are listed below:

  • 4:00 Phoebe Blue, Cannonball
  • 5:00 Beverly Mudd
    Mallory, Grasping Straws
  • 6:00 Angela Carlucci
    Ray Brown
  • 7:00 Iris Cushing
    Kyle Avalone
  • 8:00 Charles Mansfield
    Bess Devlin
  • 9:00 Alex Norelli
    Frank Rathbone
    Rebecca Florence
    Phoebe Novak

The event goes until 11 p.m. (early for New Yorkers still seeking a weekend fix) and all details can be found here.


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