Editor’s Space // Howard Album Release x Mercury Lounge

We stepped out on the scene last night for the album release party of NYC-band, Howard. Absolutely floored by their sound, the cohesion amongst band members, and the poise that they reflected in spite of numerous technical difficulties (Mercury’s, not theirs), this band is definitely one to watch. Something should be said for the level of artistic skill and merit that they have- so early on, too-  the production quality of the album is rad, and when playing live they still kick ass, which is impressive for a band new on the NYC music scene.

They may have been nervous (word is this was their first or second NYC show? Someone clarify?) but they handled their set like pros. Someone in the audience likened them to Fleet Foxes, which is not a bad comparison so early in the game. Good things to come from Howard.

Stream Religion below and tell us what you think @ leftbankmag@gmail.com.


Df3 from Mexico City also played, and while the dance floor wasn’t as happening as we all would have liked, they could really throw down on the keys. Reminiscent of !!!, you should definitely check out that band as well.


That’s all for now. Bonne nuit.

-Editor // Curator

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