Words // Submission: Mansu Edwards

We’ve received a new submission from Mansu Edwards and are extremely excited to share it with you all. Enjoy xx

Submission: Mansu Edwards

Carriage View
You’re older than me.
You have no sense.
You’re a grownup
who’s scared to risk
and you make up rules to
justify your cowardice,
prejudging people because of
skin color.
No common sense, but you
think you know everything.
You forget that you were me once.
Now you act like you were the perfect
never ran in and out the
screen doors when your
grandmother begged you to stop,
blaming me and my generation for the
violence and profanity.
We grew up watching ya’ll and we emulated
ya’ll, but you forgot about that.
But I thought you told me to
take responsibility for my actions.
That was a lie, huh, that only applies
to non-adults.
I look at you and see the jealousy.
You wish you were me, subconsciously.
Happiness left you and you’re stuck in time,
watching a new version of you with a free-spirit
nature, but you want to change me into an
uptight and cautious person.
Complaining over a life you created.
You created this world I’m in and you
blame me for what’s going on.
I didn’t manufacture guns and ship drugs here.
I’ll never be you because I manufacture my own
happiness and draw the life I want with my
imagination and action.


// Words copyright Mansu Edwards. Read more here. Image copyright http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Mentifery … or something like that.

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