Seen // Sounds: The New Tarot // NYC

Words by Kristyn Potter

My Valentine’s Day was better than yours.

This V Day was spent rocking out to the magical sounds of The New Tarot at Arlene’s Grocery // NYC. This band is made of unicorn sisters. The stage presence of Monika Walker is overpowering, the sheer weight of her voice and unconstrained movements show you she was made to be a performer. Hands down. Her sister, Karen, is a bit more subdued, with an angelic voice and a smile that reassures you that the moment you’re in is the only one worth worrying about.

Their music is equally as emotive- everything from the lyrics to the instrumental progression is strategic, but comes across with such ease and energy.

Loving on this band, and this track below:

Tunes and image copyright The New Tarot. Catch them at The Bitter End this week // Huzzah.

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