Sounds: Number Station // Get Out Of Your Own Way


As a discerning listener, and self-proclaimed music snob, it is really difficult for me to state that this song is my ‘new favorite,’ as I felt quite the same with that Waterstrider track a few weeks ago, and the Axel Rat track Night Redux. And, everyone is aware of my Viet Cong obsession, I’m sure.

I promise I haven’t lost my ear for finding the most aural of pleasures, but this band Number Station just reached out to us a few days ago, and I’ve already listened to this song about eight or nine times, and sent it to my close, musically snobbish group of friends. Perhaps the harsh NYC winter has enabled me to discover my softer side (haven’t posted any Cure, Suicide, or Bauhaus in a while …) but I wouldn’t call the heralding of this Number Station track a charity play- this band is amazing, the vocals and progression of this track are spot on, and it deserves to be played on repeat.

If for no other reason, blame it on the OCD.


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Track and image copyright Number Station.

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