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Sounds: The Shackletons x Pianos // NYC

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I stopped by the Con Artist Collective gallery for their group show, Epic Epoch, and found myself wandering down Ludlow after I had gotten my art fix. We decided to stop into Pianos (one of, if not my favorite, venue/bar/debauchery-ridden locale) and ran into some good friends of mine who play in the band The Shackletons.

Turns out, these guys have a sick residency at Pianos on Wednesdays (it ends next week if you’re around) so naturally, we stuck around to watch my friends rage. The Shackletons are the quintessential loud rock band that so many angsty kids (can I call myself a kid still?) yearn for. A bit reminiscent of The Jesus Lizard and The Pixies, these guys know how to rock, and rock hard. For a long fucking time.

I would highly recommend cancelling your Wednesday night book clubs, and Union Square author interviews, and gallery showings, to catch these guys one last time at Pianos. They play in the main room for I think $8, maybe $10. You won’t regret it.

Stalk their Facebook here.

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