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Sounds: The Bright Smoke // Terrible Towns

Words by Kristyn Potter

Brooklyn-based indie noi​r duo, The Bright Smoke, recently released their new full-length – Terrible Towns, a few weeks ago, and it is worth writing home (or at the very least, a magazine post) about.

We caught them in the flesh at their release show at Mercury Lounge // NYC and are happy to say they are fantastically consistent- whether showing live or streaming their sounds digitally, their sound is full, vibrant, and captivating. It’s moody and solemn, striking a chord of nostalgia in truths both past and meticulously hidden. It’s one of those albums where you can’t tell if you should be drinking Pinot Noir and sobbing, or dancing around your bedroom in the dark.

Maybe it’s because I’m sitting in the dark whilst writing this, with a candle lit. But, I digress.

The point is, this album is emotionally moving, the lyrics have unrelenting depth, and every word // sound // vibration works with the other to create beautiful synergy.

Give it a listen – its a good ride, from start to finish. If I had to play favorites, I would say Like Video is at the top of the list.

Image and tunes copyright The Bright Smoke // Brooklyn.


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