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Hear ye, hear ye!

The great people behind Northside Festival have granted us press passes for their upcoming Music, Innovation, and Film festival in the beautiful city of Brooklyn, NY, from June 8-14th.


Similar to last year, we will do a ton of interviews, and show reviews, however, I really want to take advantage of the other aspects of the festival that we didn’t cover last year- the art, tech, and film. Because, after all, we aren’t just a music magazine. WE ARE DYNAMIC BOHEMIANS, DAMN IT. That felt good.

Click here for the full schedule and email me if there is anything that you are particularly interested in hearing about // us covering.

Finally, and this is the fun part, because we are expanding the magazine (secret’s out) and seek to exist as an online community of sorts for the digital (and dynamic) bohemians, I am looking for Left Bank readers and friends of the magazine who are interested in writing for us on an ongoing basis, starting with this here festival.


I’m off to save the world, but please email me at if you’re interested in contributing or have Northside Coverage suggestions. You all rule.


Editor // Curator

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