Interview: Miami Horror

Holy FVCK are we excited for this. The amazing Miami Horror // indietronic outfit from Australia // shared some words with Left Bank Magazine.

Catch their Facebook page and Soundcloud for more tunes and info. Thanks for taking the time to chat xx.


Editor // Curator:  I first became familiar with Miami Horror back in 2010 (“Sometimes” caught me dead in my tracks upon hearing it for the first time) … do describe what the name “Miami Horror” represents and why you decided on it?

The name represents the both colorful and darky moody side of the project. Originally I had expected the extremes to be more obvious but currently the music is a balance of both.
Editor // Curator: How did you guys meet? Was it a match made in Miami Horror heaven or do you have any awkward first-time meeting stories?
Dan and I went to school together, Aaron and Josh were in a band together and we kind of just started collaborating in different ways which eventually built into the live band.
Editor // Curator: The first time I met Alan // Neon Indian was somewhat awkwardly at a Factory Floor show in Brooklyn; how did you guys meet Alan and do you have any future collaborations we can look forward to?
I met him back in the day, I wrote to him on myspace because I heard one of his first bands by accident in my iTunes in 2007. We then met on my first US dj tour when MH was just my solo project.
Editor // Curator: I noticed on your Facebook wall you disclosed of an “almost-leak” of a new album- care to partially-leak album info with us, like the name or anticipated release date?
Anticipated release is september/oct. The name is still in the works, its looking like it will have about 14 tracks so far. Which is quite a bit.
Editor // Curator: Ultimately, what do you hope to achieve through your music?
To allow people to find their own place. Although this album is more personal and built around both relationships and identity I still really like to make sure we provide some escapism to take people away from the more obvious themes you find in most music.
Editor // Curator: Finally- do you have any advice or tips for new artists breaking into the music scene?
Work super hard. First impressions last so make sure it is strong. Also its hard to get noticed these days, so although it is something we’ve never had to do, I’d recommend making some ‘noise’ however you can. Great ideas get noticed.

Post image and video copyright Miami Horror.

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