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Happy Saturday all you hungover artists and miscreants, I’ve got some excellent news to share!

We’ve recently partnered with La Leche Productions, a new Brooklyn-based video and sound production company working on original content (series) and live music sessions. We couldn’t be more stoked, as we are working to take over the digital universe Pinky & The Brain style, its tres important to us to we make like-minded internet friends along the way.

La Leche is the quintessence of that. Their ‘Hangover Sessions‘ video series features a live performance and interview with local // indie // awesome bands, providing an intimate experience with up-and-coming artists and placing value in this interaction. It’s beautiful, and through this partnership we will publish some of these videos on our site, as well as getting some cozy time (sic: interviews) with the bands who are playing.

In case you were wondering, we are not in the milk production industry. To be “La Leche” is just an expression in Spanish, because two thirds of our team is from Spain. So next time you’re in Spain, tell someone he or she is La Leche – “Eres La Leche” and you might just make someones day.

Spain and France have met in New York City, and are set to create magic. Watch this space as we premiere their newest Hangover Sessions video.

And, if you’re in the NYC area and are keen to get featured on La Leche’s Hangover Sessions and in our mag, comment here or email leftbankmag@gmail.com. If you’re down to join the invite list, email hola@laleche.nyc!


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