La Leche x Hangover Sessions: Maya Solovéy

Singing in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Maya Solovéy ropes together an unusual combo of humor, coy sensuality, and an impeccable beauty– possessed of a voice that is haunting, soothing, and erotic all at the same time.

Our premiere Hangover Sessions video is with the tri-lingual // uber-talented Maya Solovéy. She’s absolutely lovely and her voice is angelic. Watch Maya perform “A Vida” in Portuguese.

The below song “Little Things” is perfect for this gloomy, cold New York morning. Dig it.

I love doing these kinds of things … its intimate

Hangover Sessions is a series of live music shows filmed on weekend afternoons. Local artists that we love play for a small group of neighbors, friends, and music lovers in our Crown Heights living room.