Sounds: Terra // Couldn’t Save This EP

Drenched vocals, desolate lyrics, and dark disposition are complemented by an accessible pop sensibility that channels the post punk stylings of bands like The Cure, New Order, and Wire.

Not gonna lie, I was stoked to receive this submission for the mag because its absolutely, 100% no secret that post-punk and I vibe out. Hard.

Hailing from Canada, Terra is definitely a band to keep your eyes on, with their dark and dissonant playing, danceable enough that you don’t want to go cry in a corner, but dark enough that it’s not sitting anywhere near Taylor Swift on a playlist. Below you can check out their 4 track EP. Bummed its not longer because this is the kind of band I could easily listen to a full-length (on vinyl) at least twice in one sitting. Actually, I might have to pick up their vinyl …

Give them a listen y’all.

Tunes and image copyright Terra. Holla.

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