Editor’s Space: See and Be Scene // Good Room

I know you guys are probably sick of hearing about all of these events going on around New York City, thinking a) I don’t live in NYC so why is Left Bank posting all of this crap or b) how on Earth are you committed to making art if you’re such a socialite? To which I respond …

Well, I don’t really have a response to my own rhetorical questions.

Anywho, my friends in the scene have all joined forces (this was bound to happen) and are putting on an event at Good Room. You’ve got performances by Glint, The Midnight Hollow and Coastgaard as well as a live mural painting from renowned artist Paul Kostabi.

If you were thinking about staying home tomorrow night, don’t. Unless you’re 30 pages from finishing a really good book, and then you have my blessing to be a hermit. If you don’t live in NYC and want your city // country to get equal representation on Left Bank, email Editor@LeftBankMag.com and let’s talk.


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