Editor’s Space: The Fantastic Plastics Win At Life x CMJ 2015

It’s no secret, I’m a post-punk kind of person, but when a group like The Fantastic Plastics comes along, you can’t help but turn off your moody, razor blade sharpening music and shake your butt for the length of the song.

Our friends over at Effective Immediately PR put on a nifty showcase the other night (I think it was Tuesday, but everything seems to be in a gin-infused blur) and we were able to watch The Fantastic Plastics in action.

*the witchy unicorn babes The New Tarot also played but watch this space for an upcoming review / new music soon.

I’m 100% obsessed with The Fantastic Plastics- they are like the love children of DEVO and the B52’s, which may not make anatomical sense, but you see where I’m going with this.

Check out their music below, and stay tuned for hopefully exciting things to come in the future x

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