Sounds: Beach House // Thank Your Lucky Stars

Thank Your Lucky Stars is our sixth full length record. It was written after Depression Cherry from July 2014 – November 2014 and recorded during the same session as Depression Cherry. The songs came together very quickly and were driven by the lyrics and the narrative. In this way, the record feels very new for us, and a great departure from our last few records. Thematically, this record often feels political. It’s hard to put it into words, but something about the record made us want to release it without the normal “campaign.” We wanted it to simply enter the world and exist.

Not one but two full-length albums from Beach House this year? The end of the world must be near because this is all way too good to be true.

Depression Cherry was bloody amazing (if you haven’t listened to it, stop reading and open up Spotify THIS INSTANT). But, if I’m perfectly honest, I gave a listen to ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ this afternoon, and it easily trumps Depression Cherry.

Give them both a listen and tell me your thoughts at (spam not encouraged unless it contains videos of baby animals being cute because, life).

Music c/r Beach House.

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