Sounds // Exclusive Premiere: Monday Favors x Go Ahead and Hate

Not too sure what’s better than an exclusive premiere of an amazing 80’s inspired dance track. Maybe Roman pizza, or birthday cake macaroons, or listening to PiL First Issue on repeat.

Beyond all of those things, we are excited to premiere Monday Favors‘ track ‘Go Ahead and Hate’ off of their upcoming full-length, The Tongue That Licks, The Teeth That Bite.

“Go Ahead and Hate” is really about about bullying, social media bullying for the most part, negative trolling etc … So many (miserable it seems) people cowardly hide behind the anonymity that being online provides and use it to say nasty things. I was bullied in school a bunch and I often wonder what makes someone want to inflict such pain on others, so the song explores that also. It’s a message to those people that they’ll “never make me feel the same” as their miserable selves. The best “revenge” is to  live “well with a heart so free.”

Give it a listen below and keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming album.

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