Sounds: Dr. Mix and the Remix // Sister Ray

I’d always rather listen to Joy Division than a band that sounds like Joy Division. // Jim Reid

I went down an internet rabbit hole again at work today but in all fairness I was doing research for an article on The Jesus and Mary Chain, which is always a good excuse.

A TimeOut New York article brought me to an interview with Jim Reid of The Jesus and Mary Chain, who discussed influences on their Psychocandy album (literally one of the best albums that has ever graced this earth). Up comes French group Dr. Mix and the Remix (former members of Métal Urbain) and HOLY MOTHER OF SHIT, you’ll be happy I discovered this today.

If you’ve never heard of them, I’ll start you out with a fantastic cover of the VU’s Sister Ray. And then from there, feel free to go down a rabbit hole of your own.

Happy almost-Friday x.

Read the whole TimeOut piece here. Oh hell, hear their remix of The Stooges’ No Fun while you’re at it. I love the Internet.

c/r Jim Reid, Doctor Mix and the Remix, and their parents (God bless you lovely folks).

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