Sounds // Interview: The Flux Machine

Words by Kristyn Potter

Luis Accorsi, of The Flux Machine, is a man of many hats. I met him a few months ago at The Bowery Electric, we had a drunken French conversation, ate tacos, and bonded (naturally). Not only is he an amazing human, but also a co-founder // curator of the Dorian Gray Gallery and frontman of NYC rock band, The Flux Machine.

Left Bank had the chance to chat with him and his bandmate Raphael Sepulveda before their album début tonight at Arlene’s Grocery. Dig it below x.

Left Bank: How did you guys first get started making music?

Luis Accorsi: Raphy and I have know each other for two years, we hit it off right away, and hit the ground running. The songs felt like they existed on another dimension, and all we had to do was hone them in and apply The Flux Machine imprimatur.

Raphael Sepulveda: Luis was looking for a producer to bring his latest project to life and I happened to be at the right place, at the right time.

Left Bank: How long have you been making music as a band?

L: The band in its current incarnation has existed since September 2014.

Left Bank: What is The Flux Machine … how did you land on this name and what does it mean to you?

L: One of the memorable days that Raphael Sepulveda and I were making music I suddenly felt a surge of electricity run thru my veins, and this fluctuation of electrical impulses gave birth to the name THE FLUX MACHINE.

R: We must’ve been three songs into making the record whenever we started thinking about a band name. Luis was writing lyrics to the song and he suddenly came up with it. I though it was the perfect name right away.

Left Bank: What is your favorite track on your debut album ‘Louder’ and why?

L: Is one allowed to have a favorite progeny? I have to say that they all have such unique characters that it is near impossible to choose. I’m jumping at ‘Mess you up” somehow. it’s just damn powerful, and it’s in my opinion akin to ‘street fighting man’ by the Rolling Stones.

R: Definitely “Mess You Up”. It’s a fast song with a lot of energy. Starts with a punk rock vibe, transitions to post-hardcore and towards the end it has a heavy breakdown. Love playing it live!

Left Bank: If you could go back and change anything during the recording process of this album what would you change?

R: We really did everything we wanted to do on this record. Towards the end of the process, we even went back to the first few songs and got them to the same level of satisfaction as the rest.

Left Bank: If you could perform anywhere in the universe, where would you?

L: I love interstellar travel as much as the next guy but I would play on top of ‘Angel Falls” in what is called ‘the lost universe’ a region of Venezuela that has remained almost untouched since the dinosaur era. The formations are called Tepui.

Left Bank: Any weird, or crazy gig stories?

L: First gig was 40 motorcycle gang members with really angry faces at The Shop in Brooklyn. That was a test. The trick that won them over was Rock and Roll and free beer for a straight hour.

Left Bank: Other than Flux Machine, what are you listening to at the moment?

L: The Hoax. An unknown Manchester band from 1979-81.

R: I’ve been listening to a new band from Sweden called Normandie. Check them out!

Left Bank: What would your ideal scenario be as an artist // band?

L: If the world loves us we will deliver true and heartfelt songs, nothing superficial or candy coated. For many years to come, and live our lives at the service of this untamable beast called ROCK!



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