Sounds: The Hairs // I Wanna Get a Life

Inspired by underground comics, alternative comedy, DIY K-records pop, and Flying Nun records, the Hairs write songs about dying houseplants, barbarian life, prison stays, gay male bonding, mind-bending anxiety, and other fun things.

So, dig this. Brooklyn indie-pop band The Hairs are releasing their new album While, I Hated Life, Barbarian, on June 24th via Old Flame Records (Radical Dads, Shark?, Keeps, Heyrocco). And, they are throwing a party. Left Bankers in NYC, head over to Cake Shop this Friday to celebrate their accomplishment. And, in the meantime, listen to this track (which I just love) called I Wanna Get a Life.

1. Barbarians
2. My Battleaxe
3. …And Then…
4. I Wanna Get A Life
5. That Witch
6. Homeboyzzz
7. Tiny Tim Burton
8. Bologne Cologne
9. The Speck of Dust That Loved You
10. Nude Cruise
11. What Me Worry
12. Ballad of a Grown-Ass Woman
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