Seen: Fog Lake // Shanty Town

Before music, I was enthralled in film crafted mostly for my friends and my own enjoyment. Film was my passion and then music came along and it seemed to slowly fade to the background. I still really love film and I guess in someway the music I make in an extension of that old passion. – fog Lake

Just got in this submission from Fog Lake and couldn’t help but support // love on it. His friend Tyler T. Williams did the beautiful vid (yep, Coma Cinema and Youth Lagoon Tyler). Watch it below.

Now that he’s back in Newfoundland working on a new album, its all the more reason for us to support Fog Lake and his current // upcoming projects.

Ugh, Tyler really kills it. So, I’m gonna throwback to Youth Lagoon’s July as well (sorry Aaron).

Photo by Amy Pelow // thanks for hitting us up Fog Lake

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