Sounds: Rich Girls // New Bag

With spiritual godparents, such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry, Brian Wilson and New Order, and contemporary influence taken from The Kills, Raveonettes, Ice Age and The Drums, Rich Girls ditch the bass and hold their own with two guitars and a drum set.

Two things: How have I never heard of this band before? And how can I get them to do the soundtrack of my upcoming (see: when?) movie on my life.

Their catchy riffs, fun lyrics and dark undertones make me want to dance in the dark with nothing but my Batman underwear on. But, to be fair, I always want to strip down and shake it.

Here’s the deal, they’ve got an upcoming third EP due out in September titled, Love is the Dealer.  Watch this space // listen to their newest track below.


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