Sounds x PREMIERE: Fin-Folsom // Kings County


I had been reading about the Battle of Brooklyn and when the G train went aboveground that’s all I had been thinking about for a week or so which is what the “navy in the lower bay” is referencing. Since all the lyrics were written riding above Brooklyn on the G line, we called it Kings County. – Conor // Fin-Folsom

Words can’t describe how excited we are for the premiere of this track // video by the New York based band, Fin-Folsom. They first came on our radar during their Hangover Sessions with La Leche (shoutout // hey friends) so you can only imagine all the feels that we got when they asked Left Bank to premiere this track.

We’ve covered a lot of bands in the two years that Left Bank has been around but there is something about this particular project that really hits home (literally and figuratively). It’s visceral in nature, and catchy enough to tap your feet to.

Kings was originally a really mellow acoustic song. I had done a demo of it a few years ago but it sounded really folky.  Josh has a way of drumming so much life into the tracks we record. We went into the studio and tracked the drums, bass, and guitar live as a trio which we try to always do. Our friend Kyle Joseph was producing and he’s a a champ at picking out awesome guitar riffs when it comes to overdubbing so we started to echo the vocal melody on guitar. It was at that point that I scrapped every single lyric I had at that point. It’s not something I do frequently, but the lyrics were old and I didn’t feel like I believed them anymore. – Conor // Fin-Folsom
Watch the video premiere below (vid by Daniel Walker) . And, for the record, any song that has to do with New York (and especially Brooklyn) is always a fave in my book.


P.S. They have a new album dropping in August (I recently listened and must say it is AMAZING from start to finish) … so watch this space.


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