Editor’s Space: Vive La France

It’s no secret that French culture is a big part of my life – my Netflix queue is made up of romcoms and French language films (extra points for French language rom-coms), Radio Nova is constantly blasting through my speakers at work, and most days I accidentally text my friends in French because my text message settings include both English and French capabilities.

And, then there’s this magazine // my love child- that takes direct and total influence from Paris during its ‘Golden Age’ where Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Picasso and Stein roamed the Left Bank. Ah, if only I could time travel …

Here’s the sitch: Bastille Day is coming up and I would love to showcase the talent of our French Left Bank’ers. I would be honored to show off your work, and dedicate the entire day to French art (you don’t have to be based in France to participate). In order to accomplish this, I’ll need your submissions.

Email me at Editor@Leftbankmag.com or fill out the submission form on site and we will be in touch.

merci beaucoup // parlez bientôt


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