Words x Interview: SEE

Happy Friday from the Left Bank! We got the opportunity to chat with SEE – the twenty year old singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist from Long Island, NY. She released her debut EP Ties on June 24th via Blue Élan Records (produced by Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Liz Phair, Sunny Day Real Estate).

You’ve released your debut EP last month- congrats! How did you celebrate that major accomplishment?

Thank you! It came out the week after my 21st birthday so I had a few joint celebrations. I also had a cool little EP release show where I had a bunch of my friends and family and new fans come out, so that was a great experience. 

Any track that is your favorite? and why that one over the others?

Depending on my mood sometimes I can get super weird and look at everything through a microscope so I’ll hate one song today and it’ll be my favorite tomorrow. Recently though “Closed Eyes Open” has been my favorite. It’s a very personal song for me and I think the huge ambient rock ending feels like something I’ve been waiting to get out for years. 

How did you get started in music/can you tell us a little about your background?

My parents aren’t musicians but they love music and listen to great artists so I think that set me off on a good foot. I started playing the drums when I was 13 and even though I was interested in music before that, the drums are the instrument that made me realize that I didn’t want to grow up and be doing anything else. I basically went through high school playing in some bands and I finally got the guts to sing right before I graduated. I then decided to pursue music full time and not go to college – fast forward a few years and here we are!

What’s your first memory around music?

That’s a tough question. I begged my parents to let me learn the piano when I was 5 or so and that same year I fell in love with Avril Lavigne so I think both of those events were the important/first major memories. 

Might be a difficult question, but what does success mean for you as far as your music is concerned?

I feel success when one person tells me that they loved a song or the EP. But on a larger scale I’m looking to make this a huge thing. I want to have an influential and successful career and be in this industry my entire life. Even producing records when I’m older is something that I’m totally interested in. I think I have really big goals and when I talk about it people can sometimes get freaked out. 

I see you’ve got a residency at Arlene’s this month, congrats on that. Anything that we can expect // look forward to?

Thank you I’m so excited about it! I played at Arlene’s a few months ago and had the best time and I think these batch of shows will be amazing. I’m going to be playing the entire EP plus a song or two. Most people haven’t heard me in a full band setting because I was performing acoustically since becoming a solo artist and I think it’ll get everyone really excited. I’m doing a few little giveaways and contests as well over the month so it’ll be fun. 

If you could perform anywhere in the universe where would you and why?

Literally anywhere in space. The only other job I considered as a kid was an astronaut and for a few years I worked at a planetarium, so I became even more obsessed then. It’s just so stunning and beautiful and I really like darker places so I think I would fit in nicely.  

SEE … how did you come up with this name and what does it represent?

I came up with it when I was younger and planning my entire life like any young teenager. I wanted to be a drummer in a huge band and then break off and do a solo pop career and the name SEE seemed to work for both of those. My birth name is Carley and I think I subconsciously took the first letter “C” and spelled it out.

Lastly, what have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Meg Myers, Wet, Moving Mountains. Also Ariana Grande – I’m a huge pop music fan and I love some of the songs on her new record.

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