Editor’s Space: National Book Lovers Day

I’m pretty sure this day was made for me. Literally, I woke up feeling really amazing // positive // happy // free … and now it all makes sense.

I also did a pretty intense hot yoga session last night, but let’s just blame it all on the books.

I’ve tried to keep my identity and passions separate from the magazine, so that Left Bank can exist on its own spectrum of art and submissions without my opinion clouding (beyond curation). But, outside of Left Bank, my other hobby is writing and reading novels. One could even say I’m obsessed.

As of this August, I’ve written three novels- and am working on getting a literary agent for the most recent one completed (send me some suggestions if you know anyone!) and my Instagram exists primarily so I can keep up with the books that I’m reading (and buying) … which is a lot).

Spend this day surrounded with your favorite friends. Mine are Plath and Orwell; Fitzgerald and Hemingway … and enough Rimbaud and Baudelaire poetry to give me the sweetest dreams. Enjoy your day fellow book lovers – I’m convinced that the smartest, most perceptive, creative people are the ones who have a book (or two) in their bag. So, here’s to you!

This is my August reading list (not picture: Love In the Time of Cholera)

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 11.37.32 AM

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