Editor’s Space: Weekend Planz

I’m feeling incredibly under the weather so I will be missing not one but TWO awesome shows tonight, one of which has been on my calendar for quite some time.

The first is the Fin-Folsom album release show at The Gutter in Brooklyn tonight. These guys are the most humble, talented group of dudes I’ve ever met (unofficially) and they are going on a hiatus after this show, which pains me even more that I won’t be going. So, if you don’t have any plans tonight, do yourself (and me) a favor and go see them.


Another fave of mine Rich Girls is doing a show tonight at Pianos at 10. Again, SUPER BUMMED, I can’t make it but literally if you’re in the area, you must see them live.


Finally, there’s this #RedDot inaugural art show Embrace the Period this Saturday at One Art Space on Warren Street. Not sure how much you guys know about me outside of Left Bank, but I am a feminist and love anything that has to do with female empowerment, body acceptance, and period-loving. The show features artists with tremendous talent across various mediums with all artwork inspired by the period. Ugh. It sounds so perfect. Hopefully by Saturday I feel better so I can embrace the period with other amazing artists.


If you have any upcoming events you would like me to share, email editor@leftbankmag.com xx

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