Sounds: The Velveteins // Don’t Yah Feel Better

Around the same time we penned the song, we were listening to a lot of traditional Indian music which inspired the guitar melody. We wanted to make the lyrics feel lighthearted and wrote them about how everything you need is around you, you just have to stop and listen for it.

Sunday night, 12 percent battery on my computer, and a few emails written in French sent out to bookstores – that’s the scene and yes my brain does hurt. But just like that, our loves The Velveteins have come up with this amazing new track ‘Don’t Yah Feel Better’ that couldn’t better express my present mood.

The first edition of our zine is coming out this week, concurrent with our first event (a showcase with some amazing bands and blogs), and the zine came together through contributions from amazing artists around the globe, old classmates who agreed to help with design, etc. and yeah damn it, I do feel better.

Somewhat serendipitously I was listening to some Indian music on the independent radio station (yes some of us still own radios) and am even more excited to share this track with you, as the inspiration is definitely heard.

The single is coming ahead of their debut full-length Slow Wave, which will be released with Fierce Panda Canada in 2017. It’s gonna be a good year – I can feel it.

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