Editor’s Space: Zine Le Premier: Nasty Women

Hey loves-

I am so thrilled to announce that our zine is finally complete and ready for your viewing and (shortly) purchasing pleasure.

First and foremost thanks to the artists who contributed to the first edition of many, many zines: Dina Levy, Carisa Bledsoe, Ginger Del Rey. I’ve also contributed a short story (Lilacs) and street art images from Paris, NYC, Rome, and Ibiza.

Another major shout out to Dina Levy, Alex Norelli, Wholesale Copies, Markus Almond, Erika Briggans-Jones, Erwan Valazza, Christine Heise, Clara Freeman, Clair Burrell, and everyone who helped motivate me and push this project along.

This literally wouldn’t have happened without you.


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