Sounds: Reptilians from Andromeda // Blood Planet

Istanbul-based garage band Reptilians from Andromeda deserve to be placed on a larger scale, and without a doubt, this video is for the freaks like us.


Directed and Edited by Cagatay Topcu, we’re stoked to share the official video of Blood Planet from the E.P. Love’s gonna destroy us. In truth, with Trump becoming President in (FUCK) one day, it is Left Bank’s official stance that if anything is going to save us, it’s going to be love. But personally speaking, 2016 was a bunch of missteps in the world of love, so today I’m saying Love’s Gonna Destroy Us.

Does that even make sense? It’s before 9 a.m. …

Watch the video below and pre-order their new 7″ Ep Doomsday (which is a lot more fitting for the world we are about to enter).

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