Sounds: Crazy Bones // Melting

What a strange world we live in- Trump is President, I wore mesh yesterday without a coat, there is a blizzard outside my window, and I’m up of my own volition before 8 a.m.

And then a song like “Melting” from Crazy Bones comes on my radar, and everything seems to make sense again. Thank goodness.

I wrote this song when I was living in Tofino sitting by the ocean one day. The sun was huge and everything seemed beyond bright. Anemone and sun stars of all different colours getting bashed by waves, everything looked like it was melting. I thought it would be alright if I just melted into the ocean with everything else around me.

Not only is this song fucking amazing, but the video is equally as good (these guys must be unicorns and have a stable of unicorn friends). They started out playing together in college, channeling the energy of killer bands like Ramones and the Cramps (man I love them) and their influences are completely obvious in this track.

Listen // watch below.

Catch them on this mini-tour (I’ll be at one of these for sure–anyone want to rent a van?)
March 2 Toronto @ Bovine Sex Club W/Brenda, Jean Daddy, Milhouse
March 4 Brantford @TBA
March 23 Toronto @Painted Lady W/Onionface & Wine Lips
March 24 Ottawa @ Bar Robo W/Onionface & Ornaments
March 25 Montreal @TBA W/Onionface
Cover image from Crazy Bones FB // credit Taylor Wynne
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