Sounds: Eneona Vitok // Belgorod, Russia


This frustration
Is like an illustration
It will beat it all
Youe regeneration
I will try and
Resist and
It will beat it all
Your regeneration – ‘Regeneration’

Russian Moscow-based DIY cassette label Pomogite Community just released a new cassette by the artist Eneona Vitok, an amazing one-girl-band from Belgorod city (about 500 miles from Moscow).

The album consists of 60s pscyh pop, 70s krautrock and 80s indie music influences and was recorded at home. Listen and love here:


The founder also gave me a recommendation for some amazing contemporary Russian literature (since I’m reading Anna Karenina, in love with it, and moving on to Chekhov pretty soon). It’s called Give Me: (Songs for Lovers) … not gonna lie I just bought it – vodka, drugs, and young love in Soviet Russia. Um, yes please.

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