Sounds x Premiere: Bat House // Chemical X

You might think it’s just another Tuesday, but you would be wrong. So completely wrong …

Today us nerds on the Left Bank are happy to premiere this amazingly energetic track by Boston-based psych/math rock quartet, Bat House.

‘Chemical X’ references the potion ‘Chemical X’ and the experience of elevation and super human abilities. As the song unfolds, the interplay between the abstract lyrics and the driving instrumentals weaves back and forth with a building intensity. The bass break builds the anticipation of the climax of the potion, with the snare hit signifying the burst into full effect. – Bat House

It’s so intense and complex; layered to absolute perfection, and just the right amount of frenetic power to get us through another work week.

Alright what are you waiting for … give it a listen:

‘Chemical X’ is from the band’s self-titled and self-produced LP  recorded at Converse’s Rubber Tracks in downtown Boston, coming out April 14th. // pre-order the album here if you have more money in the bank than I do.

Thanks to Bat House for giving Left Bank the honor of premiering this track and for keeping good music alive.

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