Sounds: BIRDS // Get Away

Lauginiger and Reynoza’s intertwining vocals sit atop lush layers of instrumentation, giving their new album, Everything All At Once, an etherial, blissed-out vibe.

Can’t think of a better track to play today … whether you’re on a bus to Philly, headed to the Jersey shore, or raging with friends on a Bushwick rooftop.

Catch this new track from Brooklyn’s own BIRDS, off their debut album Everything All At Once out on Greenway Records on August 18th. BIRDS is made up of Duane Lauginiger, Jessica Reynoza (WILLOWZ), Jess Rees (Russian Baths), and Tim Plunkett (Gondola), and they play a mangled, fuzzed-out mix of psych, pop, and straightforward rock ‘n’ roll that is perfect for a holiday mixtape.

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