Sounds: The Velveteins // Midnight Surf

Our dudes from Edmonton, CA. released Midnight Surf while we were busy living under a rock (or Paris). Either way, we’ve recently discovered this track and it’s everything you could ever want in a song.

“We wanted to capture the essence of the song, which is quite dreamy and cosmic – so we got my Volkswagen Bus and rolled around the city streets at night. That in itself is quite a trip. The theme of the video plays off of the deepest form of sleep, which is called Slow Wave sleep. Traveling through thenight in a dream, to reach the other side.”

Plus, the video is rad as well. Earlier this year, the guys signed to Fierce Panda UK and released their debut full length release, Slow Wave, back in May. Watch // listen below:

Congrats guys on your debut full-length.

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