Sounds: Futuro Terror // Precipicio

It’s not even 8 a.m. and I’m fully wired thanks to this new album from Alicante-born trio Futuro Terror, Precipicio.

You will still find all the elements that make Futuro Terror’s songs recognizable: trade mark melodies, amphetamine-type short blasts (“Se encerró”, “Aburrimiento sin ti”), lyrics that sing of mystery, the unknown or the supernatural, and even a couple of trips down the soviet imaginary (“Aelita”, “El paso de Dyatlov” and “Eurasia ya no es nuestra”). 

They are like a Spanish Ramones, which is quite alright with me. My high school and college-level Spanish (and ten years of being removed) is making understanding the lyrics a little hard, but that’s more a fault of my own and not Futuro Terror.

Jump right into this awesome album this morning–its guaranteed to get your dirty bums out of bed.

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