Sounds x Premiere: Cancion // Highwayman

“Don’t wait for trains guns and lovers,

the station is quiet dry and warm,

the shifting sands of lands and people

is what makes a native son.”

Very honored and privileged to premiere this new single from a good friend of mine (and fellow book clubber) Cancion. Not only is he one of the nicest people I’ve ever met—literally in 29 years of life and spending time in a few different countries— but he is an absolutely phenomenal musician.

“It’s a song I wrote while I was struggling as a subway musician, trying to get people to pay attention to my playing in the tunnels, and failing much of the time but also feeling very satisfied when I did succeed in bringing home money. People from all walks of life ride the subway, and it was at a time when I was wondering what it meant to belong here in NYC if I wasn’t born here.

Built on an authentic New York experience, the track is as much a love song between two individuals as it is with the city itself. Equally catchy, the guitar and strong lyrics provoke nostalgia—Cancion is able to capture a feeling, captivate an audience, and tell a damn good story at the same time. 

“… That’s when the story of the highwayman came to me. The highwayman in the song is a product of history, and the relationship that he has with the woman in verse two exists within the restrictions of time. They are sometimes together in love but playing parts in a story that has gone on for generations without their knowledge. They make the decision to be in love but can’t make any other choice. Things are at work greater than themselves, but because what comes before shapes the now they automatically belong to time and place.”

Listen to Highwayman below:


The rest of the EP will be released November 4th at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC.

Tickets are available here so let’s all hang!

“Well the days, they get shorter

a native son, just don’t rise

are you bound to love another,

 or are you bound, to be mine”

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