Sounds: Philly-based Resilient // How to Peach

A femme-driven Philly band was born completely by accident out of the ashes of several other projects after a series of life-altering (not-to-mention life-threatening) events. The members would eventually call themselves Resilient.

In a time with all of the political drama, and just generally being held down (and harassed) by “the man” (see: most men) for longer than should be permissible, it’s an incredible feeling to come across a band that makes you feel empowered, and in control. The female (mostly) band from Philly, Resilient, gives off those dont-give-a-fuck vibes that we appreciate on their new full-length album How to Peach.

Released in July, the album has classic alternative edge with lyrics that will most definitely stick around in your head after putting the album away. Tracks like “Crickets” and “Slack” are reminiscent of some old-school female bands we adore (hello, Hole), “Ceiling” pretty much describes how I feel my entire life, and the flow from grunge to punk to dare I say it ska (just a bit) gives you a dynamic album listening experience. While they refuse to allow themselves to be defined by any one style, there is an apparent affinity for grunge, punk, and prog-pop styles in their multi-layered musical arrangements.

Erin Fox’s vocals mixed with Katie Fox’s drumming bring me memories of No Doubt era Gwen Stefani, but maybe that’s just me projecting. I could’ve really used this band back when I was a teenager. Hell, I can still use them.

Resilient has not just been a band. It’s testament to the fact that music has ultimately propelled and empowered each member to overcome nearly anything among the spectrum of life’s challenges.

Check Resilient out during their New England Fall tour with friends, Burned Out Still Glowing, starting Nov. 16th.


Tour Infos

Nov 16 – Creep Records Store (Philly)

Nov 17- Muchmore’s (BK)

Nov 18- Strange Brew Pub (Norwich, CT)

Nov 19- Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center (Greenfield, MA)

Nov 20- Radio Bean (Burlington, VT)

Nov 21- Empire (Portland, ME)

Nov 22- Jimmy’s Saloon (Newport, RI)


P.S. As with all the rest of their merch, a percentage of the sales of How to Peach will go to their cause, The American Brain Tumor Association. So don’t be cheap, buy their album, and do something good for humanity.

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