Sounds: Phantom Phunk // Turtle Stand

Despite the “everyday life” theme, the album Turtle Stand as a whole is a relatively wild experience.

I just got finished running 3 miles so I feel a little dead, but had to put this band Phantom Phunk from Tampa on your radar before I go pass out.

The track “My Hands” has got all those pop-meets-shoegaze-meets-surf rock-meets a little garage in one place, and it’s downright magical. It’s the kind of track you put on when you need to go skateboard around the neighborhood to blow off some steam.

The album Turtle Stand is kind of that cathartic journey that everyone needs every now and then, and that’s totally what it is: a journey. It’s a dynamic tour de force–giving you an upper with tracks like “Back Seat Sax” or “Turtle Stand” and then bringing you back down with “Steep Your Body” and “People Watcher.” You know those rock operas that make you feel your whole range of emotions? That’s what Turtle Stand does, and the fact that a band can show so much range on a sophomore album is impressive.

I hear some Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes in their music (but also am reminded of Adam Green). These guys bring some weirdness to their tracks that I can really appreciate.

Give it a listen here:

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