Sounds: Jerelle // Swimming

Major Friday/weekend vibes happening over here. We are changing things up a bit with some music from Toronto artist JerelleIf you like The Neighbourhood, or Bryson Tiller, you’ll especially dig him.

Today he released the newest single from an upcoming project Undertow. It’s super edgy and reminds me of a good guy friend of mine in Paris, who texts me regularly about his exploits with women in an effort to get over his ex. So, this song is for you V.

The hook “I be swimming in women” was an attempt for Jerelle to cloud the memory of a past love interest, by trying to be with other women, and keeping his old flame in the deepest corners of his mind. The more he had done so, the more it killed him inside. This catchy hook, and relatable experience will get anyone reminiscing about the “one who got away”.

Listen to the full track below:

Not going to lie, it’s super catchy and has me looking forward to listening to the entire album//collaborative project from start to finish (as you should listen to an album!)

“The project in a whole was my first push with this group of creatives, and our first push commercially in the industry. Calling it the Undertow is meant to represent the pull and the undertow our wave of sound will bring. The whole project was written and inspired by real raw emotions I was going through for the past year or so. I write in the most personal way possible, giving the listener a little piece of myself with every song.”

Undertow comes out late November so watch this space.







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