Interview x Sounds: Jaunt

Our boys from Toronto, Jaunt, are back with this new song “Machined” and in honor of that (and an older interview I just found that we did with Pat O’brien) we are making today’s #TBT all about them. Listen to the new song here, and check out the older interview below.

Machined’ deals with the reluctant acceptance of the inevitable. It’s sort of like recalling a memory you’d like to forget, over-analyzing it to the point of uncertainty. It’s both pretty and jarring, building gradually only to fall apart quickly.  We wanted “Machined” to be jerry-rigged together, pulling from our range of influences with enough collective glue to sound cohesive. It feels focused and refreshing to us.

We chatted with Pat in advance of their release of Chat. Check it out:

Any track on your recently released EP that is your favorite? and why that one over the others?

Right now I’m most fond of ‘Okay Then’, the last track of the EP. It goes out nice and quietly.

What’s your first memory around music?

I’m not sure exactly of my first musical memory, but when I was younger I watched an unhealthy amount of ‘MuchMusic’ programming, Canada’s equivalent to MTV. I think it subtly informed my taste in music for sure.

Might be a difficult question, but what does success mean for you as far as your music is concerned?

Success in music is being able to get your music out to an appreciative audience that will hopefully allow ourselves to sustain being in the band.

If you could perform anywhere in the universe where would you and why?

Let’s say Massey Hall, I’ve seen some great shows there.

Jaunt … how did you come up with this name and what does it represent?

The name Jaunt came about through my Father actually. He casually mentioned a ‘quick jaunt’ over to a friend’s house, and that’s the extent of it. We’re also fond of keeping things simple.

Lastly, what have you been listening to lately?

Stereolab, ‘Pacific’ by Haruomi Hosono & Friends, Arthur Russell, Virgo Four, and ‘Full Moon’ by Brandy.

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