Sounds: 8 Graves // Hang

“The idea of the song is that some people are so desperate to fit in and hold onto their friends/relationships that they will let people walk all over them in the interest of belonging.”  Brent 

The future grunge duo from NYC 8 Graves just released a new single via AWAL that we are all over. 

The track is super catchy in the same vein of Twenty Pilots “Heathens” mixed with some Zedd— but at the same time touching on some really complex// real emotions and experiences.

“The hook of the song basically plays at the fact that some of these people are so far gone in that sense that they would literally be hanged before they admitted to themselves that their friends are shitty, because ultimately they’d rather be dead than alone.” 

These guys released a mixtape in 2015 (when they first formed as a group), followed by their debut EP War Out There, and then some singles afterwards. In addition to being featured on the Friday Cratediggers playlist (which I’m obsessed with), these guys have also been previously featured on SiriusXM BPM—doesn’t get much better than that. 

Listen to Hang here.

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